Aurora Projector

The first of its kind in Australia
Turn any room or space into a Galaxy or Northern Lights

Aurora projector

First of its kind in Australia. Turn any room and space into a Galaxy or Northern Lights!

Check out Instagram & TikTok Influencers Videos 

Check out Instagram & Tiktok Influencers Videos

The Most Advanced Aurora Projector in Australia.

Transform any room into a magical space filled with the bright dancing lights of the aurora or galaxy sky. Create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for the whole family by using unique patterns and custom colours from endless options available.

3 RGB LEDs + Laser 

Aurora Projector is the only hologram projector on the market which has 3 RGB LEDs (Green - Blue - Red) plus a laser to create the most unique and life like effects. You can control the speed, colours and brightness of the LEDs and laser from the APP.

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Aurora Projector


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All our Aurora Projectors come with 1 year manufacturer warranty. If your projector stops working for any reason, contact our support team for a replacement.


100% satisfaction is what we are aiming for with every purchase. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please contact our support team.

Smart App Features


RGB LED Control


Laser Speed & Brightness


Preset Patterns & Scenes

Unlimited Colours & Effects

You can create an unlimited combination of colours and patterns thanks to the state of the art laser and projector technology, which gives you the smoothest animations you've ever seen.

Customisable Patterns

Use our Free Smart App to create and save your own patterns to set the right mood and atmosphere. Unlock your creativity and imagination! 

Google and Alexa 

Control your Aurora Projector using voice command in Google Assistant or Alexa. Set automatic schedule and much more.

Smart APP

Enjoy the full features of Aurora Projector using our Free App which controls the speed of laser, animation, to change colours, activate music mode and much more

All your questions answered:

Ours vs Theirs

Aurora ProjectorGalaxy ProjectorNebula Projector
Sound Action / BT SpeakerSound Action / BT SpeakerSound Action / BT Speaker
WIFI APPRF RemoteRF Remote or APP
Soft Touch ButtonNormal ButtonSoft Touch Button
Laser PAT: Star + CrossLaser PAT: StarLaser PAT: Star
3 LED Beads-RGB1 LED Bead-RGBW1 LED bead-RGB
High BrightnessLow BrightnessLow Brightness
Cover up 80 sq.mCover up 50 sq.mCover up 45 sq.m
Lifelike effectsStatic Image EffectStatic Image Effect
Wifi App Full Control (Laser and LED)Only can control LED and not the laserOnly can control LED and not the laser

See why people love our product

I was amazed by the quality and all the features Aurora Projector has to offer. I can create my own patterns and save it on my App. I can control the speed and colours from my phone!

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

Aurora Projector is very different from all other galaxy lights out there. The quality of its effects and all the functions that comes with, makes Aurora Projector a unique and special product!

Customer image

Jessie Nguyen

A must have for your room. This Aurora Projector has made a huge different in my living room's look and feel. My kids absolutely love it. Great product for those family times together. 

Customer image

Martin Jackman


Australian Designed and Loved

I have used a few different Galaxy Projectors in the past but they were all lacking some sort of quality.
Most of them were outdated with no app compatibility lack of control over the effects. They were pretty much click and watch the effect type. 

I realised that there is a gap in the market for a high quality and fully advance LED projector and that's when I came up with the Aurora Projector. 
It took more than 8 months of drawing, creating prototypes and testing to finally create our Aurora Projector. A device for the year 2021 which gives you full function and control, while delivering the highest and smoothest animation with effects.