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Nothing in the world could possibly be more fulfilling and rewarding than watching my little girl grow. At the end of the day nothing else matters

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Reflecting back to my first few weeks of becoming a mother it was enormously challenging and exhausting. For the first time in my life I felt completely different as a whole, as a individual. I questioned my identity a lot. It is quite difficult to put into words on how I entirely feel. It’s like two souls were born on that day, not just my child. Rebirth, a new beginning, reawakening and renewing a better version of myself. My body and mindset isn’t the same as it use to be. “We don’t lose ourselves in parenthood we find parts of ourselves we never knew existed”. 1st few weeks I let myself go, break and rebuild. Parenthood is definitely hard work. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. There are some really good days and some really bad days. Overall, they teach us how to show up as our best selves. Coming out stronger, braver and more resilient than ever. To show up even when I felt defeated, lost, doubtful, sad and traumatised by my experiences. I never in my life thought I’d ever feel this way.

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Self care these days look and feel a whole lot different, compared to life before journeying through motherhood. It’s the crawling quietly out of bed after feeding her at 4:00am in the morning and making my way to the fridge, stuffing my mouth with food while I can, while she’s asleep and heading back up again to quickly pump and fit in a quick restless nap until she’s right back up again. It’s those quick hot showers where I get to relax my body and mind even though sometimes I feel like I always hear an echo of my baby crying, it’s quickly putting a face mask on and feeding her at the same time, time is so precious.

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My piece of advice as a mum is to always be organised and plan ahead, it keeps things sailing smoothly. It’s all about balance and being present. Remember to share this journey of parenthood with your significant other also.

“A Mother’s Voice” is a space to acknowledge, celebrate and most importantly, validate each woman’s experience in motherhood.

Though similar in many aspects, each woman’s motherhood journey is unique and different. 🌻

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