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Safe to use with no chemicals

Environment friendly, FDA Approved, BPA and Toxic Free.

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

You can place your tableware safely in microwave or dishwasher

Easy to clean and Built to last

They are design to resist stains and built to last a long time

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Are you starting to thinking about to start feeding solids with your little one? It's a very exciting and overwhelming time for babies and parents. THat's why we have created our Sip & Snack bundle to help you with your journey. It has everything you need to make meal time easier and help your little one with self feeding skills.

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Perfect 3 piece bundle for those parents who want to start their solid journey but not sure what silicone tableware items they need. Our popular bundle comes with bib, suction bowl, spoon and sectioned plate.

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Popular amongst our customers who needs a presents for baby shower is this 6 piece silicone tableware which has everything a mom need when starting their solid food journey with their little heroes.

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So your sister, friend or family member welcomed a new angel and now you are not sure what present to get? How about getting them something they can actually use on daily basis? Our Breakfast Set is a fantastic option as it comes with everything a parent needs for their meal time.

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Picnic Hamper Sets

Perfectly selected items packed in our beautiful picnic hamper. A great & thoughtful gift for any occasion. Choose between 3 different colors.

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Common Questions About Silicone Tableware

Is silicone material safe for babies?

Silicone is the perfect material as it one of the safest available. It is naturally free from nasty chemicals such as BPA (and BPS or F), PVC or Phthalates.

Why should I consider using Silicone Tableware for my babies?

They are baby-safe.
High-quality silicone products are made with 100% food-grade and BPA-free materials. Additionally, silicone is known to be hypoallergenic and has no open pores that can attract bacteria. They're resistant to high temperatures as well.

Does any of your silicone tableware items have chemicals?

Our silicone tableware are FDA approved, BPA and Toxic FREE.
Silicone is a manmade material that is sourced from silica, a type of sand. But just because it’s manmade doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. In fact, it was made specially to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The material can withstand heat and cold without leaching off harmful chemicals, unlike other polymers. These properties make silicone tableware incredibly safe for contact with food. They’re not only non-toxic—they’re also odour-free and stain-resistant.

What is the best age to start introducing solids to my baby?

Around six months of age, most babies show signs that they are ready to try new foods. It is strongly recommended that solids are not introduced before four months of age, as a baby's system is still immature.

Is your Silicone Tableware products Microwave safe?

Yes they are microwave safe.
Silicones don't absorb microwaves, but like all microwave-safe utensils they can get hot in the microwave from contact with the heated food.

Is your Silicone Tableware products Dishwasher safe?

Yes they are dishwasher safe. We recommend using top rack.
Because silicones are chemically inert, they are dishwasher safe; caustic detergents can't touch them.

Do they stain and how do I remove stains?

Our silicone tableware are designed to not absorb flavours or to stain.
For daily cleaning, hand wash your silicone tableware or simply pop it in your dishwasher at a low temperature (30°C).

What's the best way to clean silicone?

For daily cleaning, hand wash your silicone tableware or simply pop it in your dishwasher at a low temperature (30°C).

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